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Coin Pop of The Day

Zoo Crypto World Could Surpass MOBOX To Become Largest ‘Play-To-Earn’ Crypto on Binance

By December 27, 2021No Comments

What is quickly becoming the top crypto game on the Binance Smart Chain is today’s featured Coin Pop of The Day. Zoo Crypto World is an NFT-driven farming, steaking, and battling game that just announced several major new updates and a global Christmas campaign.

The coin is built around a “Play-To-Earn” ecosystem that’s very similar to MOBOX, where NFT cards battle each other and increase in power over time, however, Zoo’s ecosystem is newer, faster, and less than 1/10th the price of MOBOX.

Zoo just launched their massive Christmas buyback campaign that will be increasing the scarcity and price of the main token in the game over the next week:

The game’s primary coin, $ZOO was also recently listed on the AAX exchange, and the game has just climbed onto the list of the top 10 most actively played games on BSC.

Zoo Crypto World also recently released this video on their Youtube Channel, which previews the new look and feel of the platform, as well as several new games they plan on adding:

According to the coin’s latest developer update, the studio behind the game (Singularity Studios) just secured $100,000,000 in new venture capital to help with development and marketing.

They also note in their update that, “As well as VC firms, we are currently doing deals with various large DEX and CEX platforms to accelerate the use of ZOO across the crypto space.

If you want to start earning real money now, you can join the Zoo Crypto World here.