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Unlock a New World of Learning with READ2N: A Game-Changing NFT-Based Platform for Authors and Readers Alike

By January 9, 2023No Comments

READ2N is an online platform created to support and encourage reading and learning for all ages.

The platform, build on the ever expanding BNB ecosystem, offers a rewarding and unique reading experience for both readers and authors alike.

The READ2N rewards author payback system works by allowing authors to earn tokens for their writing. Authors must first register on the READ2N platform, after which they will receive a unique NFT address. As they write, they can then enter these NFT addresses onto their work, which will then serve as a form of payment.

The NFT acts as a payment method when READ2N collects payment from a reader. The reader purchases the book in the form of an NFT, and then sends it to the author’s NFT address. READ2N then sends the payment to the author’s wallet in the form of a reward. The reward is based on a percentage of the total purchase price of the book.

This system makes it easier for authors to get paid for their work, as there is no need for them to manage complex payment systems. Additionally, it provides them with more transparency, as they can easily track where their payments are coming from. As well, the NFTs provide a secure and reliable payment system, as all transactions are stored on the blockchain.

The platform is divided into three main parts: library, activities, and stories. The library is a digital home for books and other learning resources. Books from the library can be read online or downloaded for offline reading. Content is available in English, Spanish, French and Simplified Chinese. The activities section has a range of fun and interactive activities like quizzes and puzzles to help build literacy skills and engage readers. The stories section offers a selection of stories that have been written by experts to help promote learning, imagination and knowledge.

READ2N is designed to make reading fun and engaging by providing an interactive and stimulating environment. It also provides tools to enhance the learning experience, such as progress tracking and personalized recommendations. The platform is free to use and available to anyone with an internet connection. It can be accessed from any device, including smartphones and tablets. READ2N is a great platform for anyone looking to improve their literacy and learning skills. With its library of books and activities, it is sure to keep readers of all ages engaged and entertained.

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